Driveway and Patio Replacement in Merchantville, NJ

Project Details

Gabe and Karen, residing in Merchantville, NJ, initially reached out for a new driveway and to replace their old brick patio with less maintenance stamped concrete in a brick look. As we discussed the project, they saw a potential to elevate their existing landscaping with additional stamped concrete features. Consequently, they decided to incorporate a stamped concrete walkway alongside the driveway and some sections at the front of their house. Embracing the stamped concrete’s brick pattern, we collaboratively designed an attractive brick border to complement their existing stone landscape bed. A standout element was selecting the colors for the medallion, adding a distinctive touch to the project. Throughout the process, Gabe and Karen were exceptional clients. Interestingly, we discovered that Concrete Works NJ had previously worked on their son’s property in Cherry Hill. Gabe’s famous coffee, generously provided to our team, was much appreciated. The project, comprising a new broom-finished concrete driveway along with the stamped concrete walkways and patios, turned out spectacularly, leaving us and the clients extremely satisfied with the outcome.