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Concrete Works is proud to offer a broad variety of stamped concrete design styles, patterns, and colors to suit any project need. Our stamped concrete solutions can mirror the look and feel of all types of materials, including tile, brick, and even hardwood. We’ll walk you through all the available options, acting as your guide through every step of your stamped concrete project.

Our Stamped Concrete Patterns

Stamped concrete comes in a broad variety of patterns and styles designed to imitate many different materials. We offer all different kinds of stamped concrete patterns to help bring your custom design to life, including:

Slate Patterns

New England Ashlar Slate

This timeless Ashlar Stone design has been in use in Western architecture since the 12th century. We offer a variety of background textures, including this beautiful New England Slate. This stamp is made up of a 3-part system to provide a more spacious pattern. The mats are of excellent quality, color-coded to reduce redundancy, and designed to fit snugly, resulting in a well-proportioned fit.

Ashlar Cut Slate

This Ashlar cut Slate is a naturally laminated stone texture that has been split along parallel planes. The aim of the tooling process is to create a more distinct, chipped, and fragmented texture, with small but deep joints.

Ashlar Notched Slate

We take pride in our original Ashler design, which has been tried and tested over time, and is among our finest offerings. The texture and intricate details of your projects will undoubtedly catch the eye and be difficult to ignore. Additionally, our product boasts the best level of detail available in the market.

La Habra Ashler Slate

A larger size slate option, the ashlar blue stone pattern offers lots of rich texture for a truly unique look.

Grand Ashlar Slate

Featuring chiseled textures along the seams, this pattern appeals to those who prefer larger slate sizes.

Stone Patterns

Random Sandstone

This is one of our most popular patterns consisting of six natural stones ranging in size from 9” x 10.5” – 13” x 19”.

Arizona Flagstone

Our “Signature” piece, Arizona Flagstone, provides a cost-effective and long-lasting alternative to actual Flagstone, while still maintaining its realistic appearance. The charming pattern of this stamp is ideal for enhancing the beauty of driveways, walkways, and patios, making it a versatile addition to any outdoor space.

Santa Fe Random Stone

Our Santa Fe Random Pattern is a natural stone product that stands out due to its distinct characteristics. It features three different sizes of stone – small, medium, and large – set against a backdrop of light sandstone. What sets this pattern apart is its versatility – the three sizes of stones can be used interchangeably to achieve a truly random and natural appearance. For instance, you could use our Santa Fe Random Stone Medium with our Santa Fe Random Stone Large in a driveway, followed by the Santa Fe Random Stone Small in a walkway, creating a seamless and unique look.

Cobblestone Patterns

Roman Fan

An iconic and sophisticated pattern, this European style fan pattern is as captivating as it is impressive.

Appian Cobblestone

Our Appian Cobble Stone pattern is a faithful recreation of the Via Appia, the oldest and most renowned road in Italy, built by Roman censor Appius Claudius Caecus in 300 BC. These exquisite cobbles are available in two sizes, with the Appian Cobble Stone Large Stone version offering a larger scale version of the same pattern. Our Appian Cobble Stone stamps feature an A and B side, allowing for a more open and less repetitive pattern. The pattern offers the classic look of Old World Cobble, but with the added durability and longevity of concrete.

UK Cobblestone

European cobblestones are set in a running bond pattern with smooth joints, offering a perfect pattern for driveways and walkways.

Cut Stone Cobble

Our Cut Stone version of Old World Cobble boasts a beautiful appearance with a distinct background texture, making it an excellent complement to any space in your home. The cobblestones come in a range of sizes, from 5.5″ x 5″ to as large as 5.5″ x 8″, arranged in a running bond pattern.

Boardwalk Patterns

Random Boardwalk

This pattern boasts the most realistic and stunning wood plank appearance on the market. Featuring 6″ planks “ganged” together in a staggered pattern, each stamp has five rows of these 6″ wide planks. The beauty of this pattern is showcased in the Polar Bear exhibit at Sea World, San Diego.

Seamless Patterns

Presidential Slate

Drawn from a beautiful section of slate from the Potomac River, this slate skin offers a perfect seamless aesthetic.

Heavy Quarry Stone

This split seamless skin concrete stamp provides abundant texture to enhance your outdoor area, featuring stone pulled from well-worn Midwestern bedrock granite. The stamp showcases multiple linear fractures, a cleft depth of 1/4″, and a heavy granite texture throughout.

Brick Patterns

New Brick Herringbone

Featuring a velour brick texture, this design is a great choice for walkways, patios, courtyards, and plazas.

Used Brick Running Bond

In a running bond pattern, each row of bricks is positioned so that the joints are centered on the bricks in the row directly below. We provides this classic pattern with a traditional used brick size of 4″ x 8″.

Used Brick Basketweave

The Basketweave pattern is a pattern made up of pairs of bricks placed in a square grid so that the join between each pair is perpendicular to the join of the four pairs around it. A traditional used brick size of 4″ x 8″ in a Basketweave pattern.

Border and Band Patterns

Border by Hand with Texture Finish

Our hand-finished textured borders make the perfect accent to any seamless texture or stamped pattern area.

Bellagio Custom Border

Designed for the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, this border brings prestige to any stamped pattern.

Roman Slate Tile Border

A wonderful compliment to any pattern or seamless texture, this border has bricks 5” x 12” with a Roman Slate texture.

Used Brick Soldier Course

Featuring a used brick design with each brick measuring 4” x 8”, this border is an excellent choice for stamped brick patterns.


Sun Stamp

Set inside a 3 ft. diameter stamp, the background texture is Italian Slate and features a beautifully carved sun in the center.

Nautical Star

This 4 ft. medallion of the iconic nautical star makes an excellent addition to any outdoor living space.


Our marlin stamped concrete medallion features a spectacular marlin splashing forth from the ocean set inside 4’ x 4’ Roman Slate.


Never lose your way with Proline’s new compass medallion featured prominently in your stamped concrete project.

5’ & 9’ Cobblestone Circle

This unique stamp will create a 5’ diameter circle of lovely cobblestones, and can be increased to a 9’ radius.
Allow our team to help you find the perfect pattern for your stamped concrete project. Call us at (856) 448-4206 to get started with a free quote today!

Our Stamped Concrete Color Selections

After approving your project estimate, the first selection you’ll make is the base color of your stamped concrete. Our team will automatically add a secondary color to highlight the texture and seams of your unique pattern. We offer several different color options, including:

Liquid and Granular Colors


1% Limestone
2% Shell
3% Yellow
4% Safety Yellow


1% Thyme
2% Doeskin
3% Buttercup
4% Marigold


1% Sandstone
2% Sahara
3% Sandalwood
4% Nutmeg


1% Rosemary
2% Ginger
3% Bamboo
4% Straw


1% Canvas
2% Toffee
3% Burlap
4% Cinnamon


1% Earthen
2% Rawhide
3% Buckskin
4% Leather


1% Taupe
2% Lava
3% Buffalo
4% Bark


1% Colony Red
2% Clay
3% Fox Red
4% Terra Cotta


1% Rose
2% Brick Red
3% Paver Red
4% Apple Red


1% Ash
2% Oyster
3% Orchid
4% Rustique


1% Dusty Rose
2% Light Plum
3% Redwood
4% Dark Redwood


1% Mauve
2% Merlot
3% Lilac
4% Garnet


1% Desert Tan
2% Salmon
3% Prairie Tan
4% Peach


1% Trail Dust
2% Driftwood
3% Spice
4% Apricot


1% Sand
2% Cedar
3% Camel
4% Sedona


1% Slate
2% Smoke
3% Charcoal
4% Onyx

Border and Accent Colors

Pool blue

Copper Brown


Saddie Brown

Federal Yellow

Ash White

Oyster White

Sun Bluff

Smokie Beige


Dover Blue

Stone Grey

Medium Grey

Dark Grey


Cream Beige

French Grey

Slate Green

Smokey Blue

Golden Sandstone

Adobe Bluff

Sandy Bluff


Desert Tan

Antique Cork

Sunbaked Clay

Terra Cotta

Autumn Brown

Pecos Sand

Blush Beige

Bluff Tan

Dusty Rose



Antique rose

Summer Beige

Quarry Red

Tile Red

Brick Red

Please note that the color chart provided here only serves as a general reference for shades of integral colors, and should be used as a guideline. It’s important to keep in mind that due to the inherent differences in color settings and screen qualities of phones, tablets, and computers, the colors displayed may not exactly match the final color. Furthermore, the actual shade of the concrete may vary due to factors such as variations in the cement and aggregate, mix design, addition of admixtures and other additives, etc.

All Images and concrete styles are property of proline stamps, Brick Form, Matcrere, and Walt Tools.