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Is Concrete Work in NJ Taxable?
Is Concrete Work in NJ Taxable?

NJ State laws do not require you to pay taxes if you are replacing existing concrete or installing new concrete. The State of NJ requires homeowners to pay sales tax on concrete repair work (temporary fixes) only. Concrete Works pays sales taxes upfront for all...

How thick should concrete sidewalks or driveways be in NJ?
How thick should concrete sidewalks or driveways be in NJ?

The standard is 4″ for residential concrete repairs. Homeowners with heavy vehicles always have the option to increase to 6″ thickness but it’s rare to see. We always use stronger concrete mixes because it’s efficient and cost effective for homeowners.Submit a Comment...

Keeping Water Away from Home with Concrete

It’s key to slope all concrete work away from home. This ensures that all water drains properly to street, wells, sewer systems, etc. and your home stays dry. If water is not draining properly away from your home, and you don’t have the ideal slope; Concrete Works can...

How Long Does It Take Concrete To Dry In NJ?
How Long Does It Take Concrete To Dry In NJ?

Drying time depends on many factors including South Jersey weather conditions, required pressure, and usage. For most jobs, Concrete Works suggests allowing at-least 48 hours to guarantee the concrete is solid and safe for walking. We also suggest allowing driveways...

How long should concrete driveways or sidewalks last?
How long should concrete driveways or sidewalks last?

Concrete with usual wear and tear may last anywhere from 10-25+ years. South Jersey’s weather takes a toll on concrete too. Expanding in the summer heat and contracting in freezing cold winters makes our concrete much more susceptible to cracking.Submit a Comment Your...

Are Permits Required for Concrete Work in South Jersey?
Are Permits Required for Concrete Work in South Jersey?

Yes. Depending on your municipality and project type nearly all concrete work requires permits. All township ordinances include the minimum state regulations for concrete work. In most towns, replacing existing concrete does not require surveying or zoning. However,...

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