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Welcome to Concrete Works NJ, your premier concrete contractor specializing in a range of services tailored for homeowners in Springfield Township, NJ, and the surrounding Burlington County area. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and speed in all our projects, ensuring your satisfaction from start to finish.

Our Concrete Services

At Concrete Works NJ, we offer comprehensive services covering all aspects of concrete work. Our expertise includes:

  • Demolition: Safe and efficient removal of existing structures.
  • Preparation: Ensuring a solid foundation for new concrete work.
  • Pouring: Precision and care in concrete placement.
  • Finishing: Expertise in both broom finish and decorative stamped concrete.

We specialize in regular concrete with a broom finish and decorative stamped concrete, perfect for various applications such as driveways, patios, sidewalks, walkways, slabs, and repairs.

Local Focus

We are proud to serve the Springfield Township area, with a specific focus on local neighborhoods including:

  • Arneys Mount
  • Juliustown
  • Springfield Acres

Our team understands the local environment and specific needs of these communities, ensuring that every project is completed with the utmost attention to local preferences and standards.

Community Connection

You might have heard about us through the Springfield Township NJ (Burlington County) Facebook group. We’re grateful for the referrals and positive feedback from your neighbors. Check out our mentions and recommendations in the group here.

Why Choose Us?

  • Speed: Our experienced team completes projects faster than the competition, without compromising on quality.
  • Expertise: Specialization in both regular and decorative concrete solutions.
  • Local Knowledge: In-depth understanding of Springfield Township and its neighborhoods.

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Ready to start your concrete project? Contact us today at 856-448-4206. Let’s discuss how we can transform your space with high-quality concrete work.

Serving Nearby Towns

In addition to Springfield Township, we are also available for projects in nearby towns, including:

The Stratford Municipal Building, situated at 307 Union Ave, Stratford, NJ 08084, is easily accessible. You can park in the main lot and head to the building on your left. Upon ascending the steps and entering the building, you’ll find the Construction/Zoning Office directly ahead, where you can pick up and fill out a Zoning Permit Application. One of the conveniences of Stratford is that the staff often reviews the application with you on the spot, which is extremely helpful. Our experience working in Stratford has been consistently positive, thanks to their cooperative and efficient staff.

For those who prefer a smooth and hassle-free permit application process, Concrete Works is here to help. Our office manager, Jim, is experienced in efficiently handling these procedures and can ensure your application is managed professionally. To avail of our services, please contact Jim at [email protected]. Always remember to cross-check with Stratford Township for the latest updates and information using the details provided above.

  • Mansfield
  • Westampton
  • Eastampton

Springfield Township Concrete Permit Information

County: Burlington
Municipality Type: Township
Municipality Website:
Zoning Officer: Engineering
Municipality Phone Number: 973-912-2219

How to Secure a Zoning Permit in Springfield Township, NJ 

Obtaining zoning permits for concrete projects such as driveways and patios is generally a straightforward process.

Step 1: Acquire the Zoning Permit Application

  • Retrieve the Zoning Permit Application either from the local government’s website or directly from the municipal zoning office.

Step 2: Gather Necessary Information

Fill out the application with basic contact details, a description of the planned work including dimensions. On the survey of your home that shows existing structures and property lines, mark up the areas where work will be installed.

Step 3: Submit Your Application

  • Turn in your filled-out application and the home survey with marked work areas to the local zoning office.
    • Office Address: 2159 Jacksonville Jacobstown Road, Springfield, NJ 08041
    • Zoning Official:  Marcie Maute
    • Contact Information:  [email protected]
    • 609-723-2464

Step 4: Payment of Fees

Ensure you have a check for the payment of the zoning permit.

  • Cost of Zoning Permit:  $50

Concrete Works NJ Helpful Tips & Notes

In Springfield Township, the Engineering Department is responsible for all Zoning permits. When filling out the Zoning Permit Application, you’ll also find a link to the Zoning Ordinance for reference. The steps for the application process are clearly laid out:

  1. Complete the entire application form.
  2. Attach a copy of your property survey, clearly marking the location and size of the proposed work.
  3. Ensure the survey is to scale – it should not be reduced or enlarged.
  4. Include a payment of $35.00, either in cash or check.
  5. Submit all the above items together; incomplete applications will be returned.

The staff at the zoning office are available to assist with any information you need for filling out the application. We at Concrete Works have consistently experienced smooth approvals from Springfield’s zoning office.

For those who prefer a more convenient and worry-free permit application process, Concrete Works offers professional assistance. Our office manager, Jim, is experienced in managing these applications efficiently. You can reach him at [email protected]. However, always make sure to confirm with Springfield Township for the most current information and updates.

Concrete Services for Springfield Township


Concrete Driveways

Have your driveways repaved or repaired to eliminate unwanted damage and improve curb appeal.

Stamped Concrete

Give your outdoor living areas a unique aesthetic with custom decorative stamped concrete solutions.

Porches & Patios

Bring your dream patio to life as our construction team pours, molds, and shapes your project into reality.

Sidewalks & Walkways

Allow our team to address your cracked, uneven sidewalks to improve safety for your family, friends, and neighbors.

Concrete Repairs

Choose concrete repair as an alternative to full replacement for minor cracks and rising concrete slabs.