Stamped Concrete and pavers offer an upgraded look for homeowners but what’s the main differences?

Stamped Concrete is a solid slab with stone impressions and color. Pavers are individual pieces of concrete that are put together to make the look.

A lot of NJ homeowners are switching from pavers to Stamped Concrete because they are tired of cleaning weeds and moss that grows in between the pavers. If you power wash pavers that will clean them up, but then you have to redo the expensive sand too. This problem doesn’t exist with stamped concrete. In fact, Stamped Concrete is easier to clean because the stamped concrete sealers prevent dirt and grime from penetrating the surface.

Stamped Concrete can eventually crack but usually blends and hides within the design and look. Pavers rarely crack but they usually fall apart because the only thing holding them together is sand. Having pavers picked up and reset is an expensive ordeal and you’re much better off with solid stamped concrete.

The biggest difference is cost. Companies like EP Henry Pavers and other manufacturers are very expensive. The installation takes much longer than stamped concrete which yields higher installation costs. In summary, Stamped Concrete is a better product at a more reasonable price.